Making data science accessible to everyone. Working smarter, not harder

Making data science accessible to everyone. Working smarter, not harder

Access to real-time information has enormous potential to make you more effective in your job, help you gain more insight into how your business is performing, and better equip you to take action. So, if there was a tool to help you work smarter instead of more complicated – would you use it?

Many companies are still collecting data the hard way by shuffling back and forth between their IT department, field sales staff, and customers. This is an inefficient process that can lead to delays or even lost information.

Sadly, many companies still use standalone spreadsheets to capture, store, and analyze data. This approach requires multiple people to be involved with the collection. It then applies a manual process for entering that information into the company’s data management system after the work is complete. That means fewer people can be out working in other areas of business operations without taking up valuable time at the end of the week with tedious data entry.

Modern businesses are more data-driven than ever, and mobility professionals are on the front lines of this data revolution. Unfortunately, most of today’s enterprise mobility professionals spend far too much valuable time gathering business data (e.g., call logs, messaging data), uploading it to a central repository, formatting it for analysis, and then creating reports and dashboards that rarely get used or have a difficult time getting prioritized. If the business data you regularly collect and use as part of your day-to-day operations could be gathered in a fraction of the time and then analyzed quickly to help make informed business decisions fast — how much more effective would you be in your role? Change is coming – it’s time to envision better ways for you, your team, and your customers to work together to achieve success. Let me show you how…

Wouldn’t you love to aggregate your business data from multiple sources quickly, view your business through various perspectives, and then easily share these views with other team members? Well, you can!

Imagine working in an organization where you have access to complete and accurate data for every aspect of your organization at any time. Best of all, the data is presented in a simple, easy to understand, and actionable way so you can actually use it. The business information you want is correct at your fingertips 24/7. That is what AI Surge was made to solve. With AI Surge, your company not only operates more efficiently and effectively…but it has the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

I will tell you a secret: there will never be a more critical time for your company than right now. You might think that having a complete set of data available today is sufficient for making essential business decisions, but it’s not. We live in the age of Big Data, in which most companies are swimming in so much data — from their operations and customer interactions, as well as external sources — that they don’t know how to make effective use of it yet.

Analytics, and the world of advanced analytics, can be a confusing place for many people. The technical jargon can leave you feeling like an amateur, even if you’ve been working in analytics for years—time to change that.

How do we share the insights from our analytics without having to be an expert in it? Accessible — by using a highly visual chart that anyone can understand. It’s quite simple: if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough (Einstein, right?). AI Remedies from AI Surge provides a way for everyone to analyze business data with its actionable easy to use AI-Driven dashboards,

The Concept of Data lineage is essential as it allows the end-user to get a logical, complete picture and complete visualization of your data. It’s a fundamental part of data analytics as it helps answer a basic question – “Where exactly are differences in my data coming from?”. With Automated Data Lineage, you can visualize your data journey without writing a single line of code.

Insights from data are great; actionable insights help you improve. But when you’re with multiple business stakeholders, understanding data becomes more complex. It is vital that your reporting reflects the complete picture of your data. Imagine yourself in an ocean, but if you know more about the water above you, to the left and the right, but not where you lie in the sea. Can you decide where to swim? Not without knowing where exactly you exist, which could lead to dangerous decisions.

A Data lineage diagram helps to visualize data structure like a package delivery. It breaks the chain of actions and analysis, which gives you an idea of where your data is getting messed up. It also helps you understand who did what with your data and why it happened—knowing who played a role in making your data dirty and how it will help you clean your data to get it in its original form. Simple diagrams like these help teamwork smoothly, efficiently, and collaboratively.

Just like Wix made everyone a site-builder and Canva made everyone a designer. Now, AI Surge is making everyone a data scientist. AI Surge is making data science accessible to everyone by designing for novice and expert users alike, automating routine data analytics and data management task, sharing data science best practices, and providing ongoing support for data science workflows. By making analytics more accessible, AI Surge seeks to make Business leaders 10x better at solving real-world problems.

AI Surge’s Data Wrangling, Data Governance, AI Remedies(AI-Driven Dashboards), No Code Connector(Allowing you to connect seamlessly to all of your data sources), and Real-time streaming analytics require almost zero knowledge of code to help you understand your data. This is exciting because users can get quick insights into their data sets without waiting for IT Professionals to do the work.

Over the last decade, data science has emerged from a niche field to become a core piece of every user-facing product team in any industry.

The democratization of data science via no-code analytics tools will bring the entire business, not just the tech department, into the fold of data-driven insights.

No-code analytics tools will democratize data science. Organizations need to use these tools to process the massive amounts of data that are now being collected by a vast array of technologies – from social media and digital marketing to machine sensors, mobile applications, and more.

Businesses are hungry for insights from data, but not everyone has the technical expertise to create dashboards and analyze data. While this is changing as more non-technical people learn R and Python, this isn’t fast enough for many businesses.

The democratization of data science is bringing no-code analytics tools to the business world that will enable all employees to have access to the insights that would have been previously available only to data scientists. Tools such as AI Surge, amongst many others, are making advanced analytics accessible to everyone in an easy-to-use package with virtually no tech requirements to learn deep insights. You don’t have to be a master coder any longer.

AI Surge is on a mission to make analytics accessible to everyone. Instead of hiring a team of data scientists, businesses can leverage no-code visualization and data analytics tools from Al Surge that are intuitive and scalable. AI Surge’s data analytics platform leverages Data Bricks delta lake and extends its capabilities with added features and functionalities. As such, AI Surge is as powerful as the most prominent commercial data platforms but doesn’t require technical skills, allowing anyone to ask and answer questions from

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