Introduction to Actionable Analytics

Introduction to Actionable Analytics

Data is everywhere. We collect it, distribute it, store it, and do a lot of stuff with it. So much that there’s a saying, “Data is the new oil.” The problem is: that most of us have no idea what to do with that big pile of data.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I could recommend an ” actionable ” solution for his business.” He wanted to know how he could get insights from his web analytics that would lead to an improvement in his company. I was impressed by his use of the word ‘actionable.’

Actionable Analytics is all about gathering data, sharing insights, and getting people to take action. The problem with some of the data we have today is that it’s not very actionable. Advanced analytics platforms are a great source of data. Actionable Analytics is about simplifying decision-making based on data.

How can your business use more actionable data

  • Connect your data with no code tools like AI Surge’s No Code connector and create beautiful dashboards

  • Use visualizations to communicate complex messages

  • Bring decision-makers into the conversation.

Your company’s data is your lifeblood. But it’s useless unless you have a system to turn it into valuable insight and actionable analytics. Whether it’s a free system you built yourself in an afternoon or a sophisticated enterprise solution, the strategies to turn data into actionable analytics are the same. When you can consistently turn data into insight, you get a glimpse behind the curtain that reveals problems and opportunities that were invisible before. The mindest is critical in empowering every individual in your organization with the tools to collect, use data and get actionable insights from their business activities.

Enterprise users benefit from actionable analytics in that they can apply their Big Data to make fast business decisions. Actionable analytics allows companies to identify patterns, trends, and insights within their data. Adding it all together, actionable analytics offer organizations of all sizes a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into their customers, products, and employees, allowing them to make proactive moves in the right direction that will benefit the business.

Businesses use data to make decisions every day. The problem is that most of the decisions are based on guesses that may or may not be correct. You will have more actionable insights about your project or business by using analytics tools and techniques. This will give you an excellent chance to increase your revenue and improve your user experience.

When it comes to analytics, one size doesn’t fit all. Every situation needs to be analyzed, first and foremost, to understand the required type of insight. What problem are you trying to solve? Who are you trying to help? When do they need insight? It sure is a tall order! And if there’s one thing that can make matters worse, it has multiple tools.

You need a unified one-stop platform that provides answers to all these questions. AI Surge is the only Data Analytics and Management tool you need to get actionable insight.

With AI Surge Data Wrangling capabilities, you don’t have to manually prepare your data, clean it up and create actionable reports that you can use to make decisions. Once you give the platform basic information in plain English, it will automatically normalize messy, unclean data into clean, tidy data. Data wrangling describes the process of preparing your data — anything from cleaning to transforming to visualizing. If you are stuck doing this monotonous work every day and can’t wait to get back to analysis, then AI Surge is for you.

We’ve all been there: you have a graphic that shows the cause of a problem but can’t do anything about it. You might see that “half of your visitors bounce at the second landing page, but it doesn’t tell you what to do next. This is where actionable analytics come in. Data Dojo, an AI-driven feature you can find in the AI Surge platform, does not only show you beautiful visualization, it provides feedback, suggestions, detailed analysis, identifies anomalies, and many more. Take Dojo as your Data Personal Assistant.

Actionable Analytics is all about sharing insights and getting people to take action. Data can be shared in many different ways. You can look for patterns, form a hypothesis, run a correlation analysis and then brainstorm on how to solve problems or even get a team together for the best results. There’s no need to read through thousands of rows and graphs. The solution? Advanced data analytics platforms like AI Surge.

Actionable Analytics involves getting intelligent data that requires data quality, actionable insights, and presentation to make it easy for users to get value out of the information. The analysis is excellent, but if you can’t present it in a way that the busy person in the business can understand, then what’s the point?

That is the point of AI Surge. We make it easy for business users and analysts to use our advanced data analytics platforms. We use AI and machine learning to generate insights into your company, industry, or competitors. And we make sure that business users understand the analytics, so you have the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

The end goal is essential when considering taking action on the insights gathered. The goal is to gather insights on:

  • How businesses collect and use this data.

  • Whether this data is helping them make a real difference to their organization.

  • Why sharing data openly could help us all learn from each other’s experiences.

  • What can we do differently when it comes to data and analytics.

Actionable Analytics is the idea that data can be presented differently.

Instead of just displaying the data neatly and cleanly in a spreadsheet, data can be shown in a way that makes people want to act on it. There are tools like AI Surge that enable data to be explored visually and in real-time or near real-time. This opens new opportunities for business analysts to look back on historical performance and gather insights faster.

It would help if you had a dashboard with business-specific dashboards that is more actionable to transform your customer into an advocate.

Many companies will have this data lying around in systems that aren’t that useful or don’t easily allow a user to start taking action. The lack of raw data, relevant insights, and actionable analytics make this type of data frustrating.

The three aims of Actionable Analytics are:

  • Gather actionable data

  • Transform it into insights

  • Make these insights accessible and actionable.

With AI Surge, you won’t worry about expert insights drowning you in data. You’ll be armed with a barebones and straightforward way of tracking key metrics with actionable visualizations. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your business and will finally know the right questions to ask when faced with stressful situations or tough calls – that can make or break a business.

AI Surge goes beyond the data that looks pretty into data that makes you more competitive. With quick insights and a small amount of work (which your team can be doing in parallel to getting the business back up and running), you will have the power of actionable analysis, enabling you to make fast decisions rather than slow ones based on factual information.

With actionable analytics, you can:

  • Understand your customers

  • Make smarter decisions

  • Engage your customers better

  • Predict future events

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