How Telecommunication companies can use Data Lakehouse Solutions to maximize operations and profits

In today’s world, a great deal of information is available to businesses, and companies can use that information to become more efficient. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to design complex algorithms that parse through this data and find the most important pieces of information for a particular business. Algorithms identify what workflows are most efficient and which processes need improvement. Tech companies have created databases that store the largest amounts of data ever accumulated by mankind. This allows users to analyze these massive stores of data. Many people may not realize how much they contribute to this data reservoir every day. People use their phones to make calls, send texts, or perform other functions that are tracked by telecommunications companies.Telecommunication companies face many challenges and are looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase revenues. The current telecommunications industry is facing tough competition from wireless carriers, VoIP providers, and cable and digital phone service providers who are aggressively deploying new technologies. Telecommunication companies are also adopting an “all-service” mentality that focuses on developing a diverse portfolio of services that appeal to customers. This “all-in-one” philosophy is not always cost effective and causes companies significant operational, management, and marketing challenges.Companies must find a way to leverage all the communications capabilities of a business. This includes using legacy systems while reducing capital expenses, operating across multiple carriers, managing VoIP and data at the enterprise level, and optimizing communications processes.In finding answers to meeting their business needs, telcos must embark on a Big Data transformational initiative. Telcos can no longer rely solely on traditional databases, data warehousing and outworn enterprise analytics. They have come to the realization that these tools could be upgraded to perform real-time out of the box analytics and handle the massive amount of data with less human intervention eventually leading to cost reduction.Using Data Lakehouse applications to improve customer satisfaction and eliminate cost over-runs and out-of-hours operations. Telcos are taking advantage of the AI-Driven predefined dashboards provided by AI Surge.A single AI solution provides a dashboard that details instantly nearly every pain point your Telco may have. AI-powered cloud dashboard that gives a detailed report about the performance of any TELCO network in real-time.Data Lakehouse offers a set of tools that enable communication companies to manage a wide range of customers and services using data-rich tools that leverage traditional business logic to extract the critical data that enables decisions based on customer interactions.Some of the many features that telecommunication companies derive from Data Lakehouse are predictive analysis, direct access and connection to your data in warehouses or on the cloud, event-driven workflows, and telecom market trends analysis.Data Lakehouse offers a set of tools that enable communication companies to manage a wide range of customers and services using data-rich tools that leverage traditional business logic to extract the critical data that enables decisions based on customer interactions.Data Lakehouse’s suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are designed to make existing processes more efficient. The core of the technology is the analysis of the complex relationships in structured and unstructured data from various sources. Data in communications accounts for billions of lines of business records, which can be leveraged by companies to build tailored solutions to improve their customer service, marketing, product development, sales management, and customer retention strategies.Telecom companies that use AI Surge’s Data Lakehouse tools can evaluate and optimize communications based on hundreds of different use cases from customer contact management to automotive customer support. These applications provide real-time insights into how users interact with a business. Telecommunication companies can analyze data to better understand which messages are most important, which are pushed most frequently, and which leads generate the most sales opportunities. The beauty of Automated Data Lakehouse extended capabilities is that algorithms, AI and advanced technology are applied to your datasets to produce accurate and useful reports to maximize your operations and profits. I cannot overemphasize the importance of ready to use dashboards to facilitate quick decision making.You get to see what your network is doing from a birds-eye view. Dashboards report telco KPIs such as Nb Op, Avg Call setup Time, Avg Call duration, Op cancellation Rate and more.The TELCO Dashboard allows you to easily monitor your activities (sales, churn, ARPU) and compare with your competitors via dashboards or KPI’s.Telecommunication companies rely heavily on analytics to help them build new strategies, improve productivity, reduce costs, and reduce waste. A great majority of businesses in any industry make regular use of analytical tools to help them develop their tactics for success. Analytics, when properly executed in the right situation, can provide a competitive advantage over rivals and give any company the edge they need to remain ahead of competition.

Telecommunication companies that use Data Lakehouse to create and maintain their own business intelligence can reduce their need for additional staff members and free up valuable internal resources to focus on other areas.Telecommunication companies that are looking to optimize communications and increase revenues can take advantage of the analytical solutions provided by AI Surge’s Data Lakehouse Solutions. A platform that allows telecom companies to autotmate routine analytics tasks. Allow for seamless migrating data between different environments and immediately generate dynamic and intuitive dashboards and operational systems that are able to meet the needs of their customers and provide top-notch support. AI Surge’s Data Lakehouse comprehensive suite of solutions for managing communications, identifying bottlenecks in system performance, and improving productivity are all ideal for increasing a telcos revenue and reducing costs.Telecommunication companies need to maximize their revenue streams by investing in improved technology and tools for managing their networks. Companies often purchase multiple solutions from different vendors, implement some, and then find that they still have room for improvement. Telecommunication companies should consider purchasing a one size fits all unified data analytics platform from AI Surge that provides automated Data lineage, Data Profiling, Artificial Intelligence on the spot, Data Governance, Predefined dashboards and real-time streaming analytics. By using a platform that automates data analytics and data management, Telecommunication companies can save significant money on staff hours while freeing up other staff to handle business. Investing in an artificial intelligence platform will allow these companies to continue to grow without having to fully commit to custom software development, which can often lead to costly delays and mistakes.Before now creating a data lake house was an intimidating idea. With AI Surge’s Data Lakehouse solution it takes telecommunication companies minutes to create a data pipeline and start providing insights that enable them to accelerate sales growth. AI technology is embedded in the platform, creating an ecosystem with partners and allowing telcos to perform AI-assisted real-time analytics based on streaming and historical data from Point of Presence (PoP) data centres. This approach provides clarity into network performance, service quality, and fault analysis in order to optimize user experience, improve service levels, and increase operational efficiency. In this way, AI Surge’s Data Lakehouse solution provides a better business case for telecommunication companies looking to make sense of their data, provide better value to their customers, and be profitable as well.You now can rely on having an automated dashboard that details the whole picture: number of calls, average setup time, dropped calls and immediate threats. All this available with the platform that is able to integrate with your existing enterprise and IT infrastructure. In addition you’ll be able to realize business improvements: reduce time to market in operations, reduce cost through better material usage and optimize processes with real-time information.See our live AI-powered telecommunication dashboard here. Click on the button to play around with our visually appealing dashboard.